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 1) There have been some delays in the publication and distribution of Bitter Kiss, but my publisher assures me that the book will be available worldwide in October, 2009.

2) Smashwords, a US-based ebook publisher will be releasing Bitter Kiss in different electronic format some weeks from now.

The book will then be available in most popular ebook readers and ebook reading software applications such as: EPUB (for Stanza and iPhone), Mobipocket (for Kindle), Palm Doc (for PDB), PDF, LRF, RTF, Plain Text, HTML SmashReader and JavaScript SmashReader.

The prices will be very affordable and you can order from major online retailers, like Amazon and other distribution outlets.                                                            

When fiction coincides with reality

Last week, I received a call from a lady in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, her name is Mariam. She wanted to meet and discuss with me.

I visited her home and we chatted for about two hours. She said she read the synopsis and first chapter of Bitter Kiss on this blog and decided to contact me.

She said what happened to Eva in Bitter Kiss almost exactly happened to her. She had gone to bed with a guy she was meeting for the first time. They had parted and she never met him again. She got pregnant from that one-night act and gave birth to a baby boy, Abou.

Abou is now four years old and lives with his mother. He has never seen his dad, and nobody in the family would tell him how his mother’s one-night carelessness brought him to life.

Miriam still lives in their family house in a quarter called Yopougon in Abidjan. She’s jobless and struggles as a single mother to cater for her son.

But hear her wish, “I wish my own story could end like Eva’s in your book, Bitter Kiss.”

I will post my comprehensive interview with Mariam including her photos and that of Abou soon on this blog.

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