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You can woo and win a woman that same day but you can’t easily take her to bed that same evening. Not always!

Twenty-four-year-old pretty home sister, Eva, is accosted one late evening by a rich and bewitching bachelor called Denzel – a nickname he earned from his pals because of his sharp resemblance to actor Denzel Washington. He seduces her and shepherds her to a motel. By dawn she discovers that she’d been wet. He’d used a broken condom. She scolds him with harsh words; he shows remorse with hot gifts and a vow to marry her.

By midday, they wave bye and he drives away in his sleek Peugeot 607. They’re to meet again in three days to plan for their future together.

Denzel never turns up. Eva gets pregnant. She’s a pro-life Christian and must not abort, no matter what! Her Catholic mother pledges her total support, but her two older sisters swear to pour her scorn – like she did to them when they bore kids out of wedlock.

Eva delivers twins in the hands of a married doctor who promises to cater for her and her babies if she accepts to be his mistress. Having no other choice, Eva gives in and starts dating the doctor.

Eva’s former boyfriend, Adama, who abandoned her because of her strange pregnancy emerges and wants to marry and adopt the twins. Her mother hates him because he’s a Muslim, but Eva has learned to love him during their 18-month-long relationship during which he never pestered her for sex.

The choice between Adama and the doctor is tense. Eva’s mother wants the doctor, but Eva says he’s  married. She could aspire to see a beautiful wedding someday with Adama, but her mother swears to hinder them.

Eva starts going out with both men barely two months of post delivery – she needed their money to take care of her babies.

Eventually, Eva decides to clean up her life of debauchery and focus on her destiny. She jilts both men and starts a little business and a computer class. However, her joy still remains incomplete without the father of her twins. She’s worried about what to say when her kids would be big enough to ask, “Mama, where is papa?”

This desire combined with the rage to demystify the general notion that she was impregnated by a ghost, send her in wide search for a man she knew for only 12 hours.

Eva finds Denzel the morning he’s getting married to his virgin bride, Chantal…


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