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Do you have faith in condoms?

As I noted earlier on this blog, the idea of Bitter Kiss evolved from a terrible experience I encountered when I unknowingly dated an HIV-infected girl in Abidjan for three years.

I’ve been blasted a number of times by journalists – why I didn’t use condoms while dating my girl.

Here comes the debate: Is there any faith in condoms?

Yes, my girl, Kate and I commenced our love using condoms but after some time, love, trust, care and tenderness – all took over us, and we discarded the condoms for unprotected, sweet sex.

It was only after three years, when we were about to get married that we realised upon taking our tests, that she’d contracted the dreaded virus long ago!  

Miraculously, I wasn’t infected!

Making research for this book, most of the youths I questioned about the use of condoms confided to me they actually used them during the early period of their relationships but later slacked off.

Now, do you agree condom lures us into an unsafe journey of love and abandons us in the middle of the desert?

Should condoms be banned, so that lovers will take the pains and carefulness to undertake their HIV tests before any sexual encounter?



Tell us your opinion!


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