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Bitter Kiss is the title of my new novel. It is a fiction set in the Ivory Coast, a West African country. This blog was set up to announce, promote and publish updates about this novel.

 My name is Kingsley Kobo. I am son of Nigerian novelist and playwright, Alfred Vhovhen. I live in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, where I wrote this book.

 There is everything to know about Bitter Kiss – why I wrote it, a synopsis, main characters, tags, my bio, reviews, comments, links to where it can be purchased and a taster chapter.

 You are free to leave a comment. Thank you once again for visiting, God bless.


2 Responses to "About"

Hi Kingsley,


Reading through the first chapter provoked the need to read further.

As an African writer myself, I especially appreciate your positive portrayal of the African continent and a modern African city. You did not fall into the common trap of most African authors who would rather portray the negative side of Africa…and usually, the war-ravaged section of the continent for mere commercial gains. And thanks for those beautiful pics of the Ivorian nation.

Femi Olawole.

Dear Kingsley,
this is the UN radio in Sierra Leone. We would like to contact you for occasional interviews on developments in ivory Coast. Would youplease send me your contact number.
I am reachable on 00 232 766 92818



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